Sony Ne-OPE! PS4 PRO reveal


Anyone watch the Sony PS4 Pro announcement?

Was not terribly impressed overall. Things look prettier, but they have done nothing to challenge Scorpio.

And the internet is having lots of fun with it.

I will admit - Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone look super cool.


Haven’t checked it out but I’m sure I will tomorrow or the next. I wonder how much lead time they are going to have on the Scorpio…

Horizon Zero Dawn does look pretty cool.


Read a little about it and it seems like a weak response to the Xbox One S and Scorpio, but a response they needed to have other than “we got nada”


Sony to Microsoft


Just finished watching Giantbomb talk over the Sony conference. The games look prettier, but now I’m just waiting to see how the PS4 Pro stacks up with the Scorpio next year.


I’m confused. I thought the NEO was meant to be all about supporting VR, yet there doesn’t seem to be any mention of VR with the Pro? Or did I miss that?


It sounds like they’re solidifying the frame rates which will help with their VR offering, It was interesting they are patching in HDR support to the regular PS4 for 4k tvs, and better performance into some of their older titles even if you don’t have a 4k tv. It doesn’t really seem like a competitor to the Scorpio though, and they probably honestly don’t have to right now with their market share. I just hope this doesn’t gimp the VR too much, would love for that to succeed to get MS moving on that front. I already own a PS4 just for Bloodbourne but it really offers me nothing to upgrade in November at the moment. Was really strange that they didn’t put in a 4k blu-ray player, since it seems to mainly complete with the Xbox S.


If Xbox can hit end of 2017 with Scorpio - can Sony have a match soon enough?

Microsoft might be in really good shape - like the 360 over PS3. Although the tail end of that life cycle was not great.

Good one Mattrick!


Even my PS fanboy friends say the Pro was underwhelming and don’t see themselves getting it unless they upgrade their TV and trade in their PS4


The lack of UHD Blu-ray support seems like a real misstep to me.