Spoiler cast podcast


I heard Fream talking about a spoiler cast for Inside. I just wanted to say that the life is strange spoiler cast was great a would be interested to hear your thoughts on Inside. I noticed that Jo recently finished Oxenfree and I know Tarragon had good things to say about that game. A Oxenfree spoiler cast would be great aswel.
Just some suggestions.

What do you guys think?


Sounds great! We’ll have to get the crew together for a spoilercast special and talk about both of these, for sure! @Freamwhole, does OXENFREE take your fancy?


Sure, I could knock this out. Give me a couple of weeks.

I need the “O” for the challenge anyway.


I still want to do a Burial at Sea spoilercast. Maybe when more than two people have played it after the collection is released.


Yea, but that is about 80-100 hours of game play away (for me).

Oxenfree - not quite that level of commitment.


If you just play the stories you can probably cut it down to about 50.


Only 50 you say? :wink: @Freamwhole could knock it out in a day then. Wait…


We’re doing an “INSIDE” spoilercast - I’ve listened to too many podcasts poo-poo-ing the game.

My voice needs to be heard.


Oooh, Oxenfree definitely :slight_smile:

Crandy - Bioshock, soon, I promise :slight_smile: