Tarragon's Daily Song Thread


I’m a big fan of music, and while the http://discourse.zedtozed.com/t/music-discovery-game/1 thread is great, it doesn’t quite scratch my music sharing itch.

So, with this thread I will attempt to post a song a day that I like, for your amusement, bemusement, or disregard. Happy to discuss anything I put here, and welcome suggestions for music I may like.


[details=Daily Themes]Monday: Mellow/Ambient
Tuesday: Rock/Pop
Wednesday: Heavier/Darker
Thursday: Electro/Techno/Industrial
Friday: Retro-ish
Saturday: Tarragon’s pick
Sunday: Completely random from Tarragon’s “high rated” list[/details]


And kicking off with a remix I discovered recently of Röyksopp’s The Girl and the Robot.


you listen to Interpol at all? I’m a big Queens of the Stone Age fan like I think you mentioned you were. I can’t get into pure electronic that much, but I’ll give it a listen.


I really liked Interpol’s Evil, and the other song that was in Rock Band 2 (PDA) was ok, but I can’t say I really fell in love with them overall. The film clip for Evil is pretty disturbing in an “uncanny valley” way:


Friday! I’m going to set themes for each day, which I will update in the OP once I nail them down, but Friday is going to be slightly retro themed.

So with that, today’s song is very early Underworld, before they became the Underworld that most people know with Born Slippy - made particularly famous around the release of the movie Trainspotting (and oddly due for a sequel soon) - or the release of their album Beaucoup Fish, which yielded great songs like Cups, Push Upstairs and Jumbo, amongst others. But before all of this, they had a minor hit with a song called Underneath the Radar, and this is the song for the day:


Saturday: Tarragon’s pick.

So, as you probably know, I play in the huge galactic sized sandbox called Elite: Dangerous. Tomorrow, a months long expedition is setting off into deep space to visit the galactic core and several other key points of interest along the way: The Galactic Nebula Expedition. I’ve joined this effort, and right now I’m making my way to the first meeting point.

I had music playing on random while I was exploring, and this song popped up and seemed quite appropriate. It’s also, incidentally, the first whole song I learnt on guitar and can play from start to finish (well, I always manage to naff a few notes, but hey). After I’d worked it out, I went and read the official tablature and was happy to learn I’d worked it out exactly correct by ear. I was pretty happy about that.

Anyway, here’s the song - a classic from Pink Floyd’s The Wall: Is There Anybody Out There?


Sunday: What does the random button serve up for us today?

Ah. Great track. Me and the Devil Blues, performed by Cowboy Junkies.

I came across this track from the soundtrack to a slightly cult classic movie, Pump Up The Volume, which probably ranks up there with Heathers as the seminal anti-establishment teen movies of the late 80s.

This soundtrack in particular is notable to me in particular as it introduced me to (very early) Soundgarden and Sonic Youth, and a very cruisey version of The Pixies’ Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf mix). It was also introduced to me by my first real girlfriend, so there’s that.


Mellow Monday: Following on from the dive back into history with the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack, here’s a very laid back version of Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies, called the “UK Surf” version. Before hearing this song I hadn’t heard much Pixies, so this has the distinction of being the first version of the song I’d heard, and as a consequence the version I prefer.

Do you find that with songs? You hear a different version of it the first time, then prefer that to the original that everyone else likes? I get that with remixes all the time.

Anyway, here’s Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) by The Pixies. Enjoy.


Rockin’ Tuesday: Let’s ramp it up a bit.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Queens of the Stone Age. With most bands I :heart: I tend to go through a phase where I search for each and every obscure track they’ve released, ever, with mixed results. With rock bands I find some of the b-sides and exclusives are their best tracks, although most often their “remixes” are forgettable. So, it’s no surprise to me that several of my favourite Queens’ tracks aren’t actually from their albums. Today’s track originally comes from the soundtrack to Heavy Metal 2000, although a revised version was released with some copies of Lullabies to Paralyze. The result is an awesome track and easily one of my top QotSA tracks.

Infinity, by Queens of the Stone Age. Enjoy.


Wednesday I have slated as “heavy” - this will likely mean metal, but because I don’t listen to a huge variety of metal anymore this section will also likely cover some of the harder electronic or dubstep stuff I like too.

For today though, prompted by chats over on the Zed to Zed chat room, I picked the song Eyes of the South by Down. Down is a kind of metal “supergroup”, notably fronted by Phil Anselmo (Pantera). I only discovered this band recently, when they performed at a side gig to The Big Day Out 2015 alongside Alice in Chains. I bought their most critically acclaimed album, NOLA, shortly afterward on the strength of their live performance.

I like this particular track because of the way it builds; it starts off with a mellow opening guitar solo, and slowly builds up into a great thumping track. If you liked earlier Pantera, I recommend giving NOLA by Down a listen.


I got to see Down a long time ago, '95 or '96. They opened up for White Zombie and Pantera, I went for the headlining acts but was pleasantly blown away with the opening act. My friends and I got the Down CD the next day. That was probably the best concert I have ever been to (too close to call between Metallica/Lamb of God and Korn/Papa Roach/Powerman 5000). Good times! Thanks for the reminder Tarragon


Thursday: Electronica/Dance day!

Not much to say about this one other than I like the concept of the obsessive internet girlfriend. It really kicks off at about 1:30.

Internet Friends - Knife Party


Friday: Retro Day

I have to thank my partner Chloe for my increased knowledge of older classics; she’s been on a deep dive into the 60s for a while and I keep picking up awesome tracks by osmosis. So thanks babe! :heart: This one’s for you.

The Zombies - She’s Not There


Nothing wrong with the classics. I’m a sucker for pretty much any kind of rock/metal.

Here’s an example of how weird it can get:
Korpiklaani - Happy Little Boozer

or do you prefer harp?
In Extremo - Vollmond


Lol yeah those are pretty out there. Not sure it’ll make my regular playlists though! :wink:


Lunatic Calm is one of those bands that I bet almost everyone has heard at least one song from (Leave You Far Behind from The Matrix soundtrack). They released a couple of albums and then kind of vanished, and last I looked it was difficult to even buy their songs legitimately. This is a shame because their album Metropol is actually really good.

I came across this track in particular because it was mixed with the opening track from the movie Arlington Road - which came to my attention because the music was done by Angelo Badalamenti, who of course is known for the music from the TV series Twin Peaks.

Here’s Lunatic Calm’s Neon Reprise. Enjoy.


Sunday is random day, so let’s hit it… Cool.

Generally I find most remixes of rock music to be … not great. They don’t tend to do enough, or lean too heavily on the original, or are just plain derivative and boring. However, sometimes they are outstanding, and this is one of those “so different and awesome remixes” that it’s made my high rated list for years.

Hybrid’s remix of Take a Picture by Filter. Enjoy.


This is my favorite band in the whole world… if you couldn’t tell by my name. There newest cd is so much more serious than the other about government and society in general. This is one of my favorite songs off the album. Enjoy!


Filter is good racing music IMO. Good motivator to keep the pedal down :slight_smile:

This is my #1 most played song according to Last.fm - and I agree, its kick ass.


Monday is for a laid back start to the week. Today it’s another track that my partner turned me on to recently.

All I Want by Bob Moses