The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Quadmester 2


Sure thing, list has been generated.


I submitted a Partially Discontinued flag on this one last week, the server is not available to join a car club anymore. Can I have a re-roll?


Yes. It’ll re-roll on the next scan.


I got eliminated from GTASC today and would like a list to drown my sorrows in, thanks!


I have been listening to the podcast for a few months now and am almost caught up (started at episode 1). I just couldn’t wait any longer and had to join. I would really like a list if I could get one please.





I’ve accidentally unlocked an achievement on my list while offline, its scanned into TA but hasn’t on the RTDL list. Do they need to be unlocked online to count?


I’m afraid they do, sorry about that.


no worreis! Just happy for the clarification! :slight_smile:


Been busy this month but can I please still get a list for next month



I would like a list for June please.


i cant find the new lists? did i miss a announcment


Check again in about 15 minutes I am literally rolling them now.


hoping for 360 achievements this month my x just died today lol


New lists are up!


Sorry to be a pest. Can I still get a list for June?


Yes, I drew you one.


Can I get a list generated, please?



What’s the harm in doing this again. I’m doing clean-up on my started games anyway, so it may help me decide a fun game to work on next. My gamertag is IronFistofSnuff

My only wish is that there was a way to select if you wanted dlc to be able to be drawn as I have my settings set to include all anyway on TA. Alas, I understand that it would just overcomplicate things here and would likely just be annoying to manage.