The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Quadmester 2


Welcome back, here’s your list:

We don’t have access to dev time from TA to make this happen, but I do have an idea how we can do something about DLC. Watch this space.


Well after having to drop out again last month for various reasons, I finally have a free weekend coming up. Any chance of getting back in so I have a list to aim for? Thanks in advance!


No worries buddy, here you go!


I believe there was an error in pulling me up a new list since I changed my gamertag last month. Can I please get a new list? My new GT is D0CTOR STUP1D. Thanks


Indeed. I’ve updated everywhere and drawn you a list now:


I was in this a while ago but got a little too busy, any chance I could get re-added? Gamertag is: turtle444


Welcome back!


Sorry can I be put back in for July. June was a tough month life wise.
ID: SpaceDegu
Thanks in advance


I no longer remove people except on the seasonal changes, so you already have a list, here:


Sorry about that I didn’t know. Also, from one older gamer to another, I have to say it was great to hear your voice again on the podcast before the break. Looking forward to the second coming. No rush though.


I’ve been out for a few months but am ready to get back in this! :smiley:

ID: Zekling


Here you go:



Future iterations of the Random To Do List will be managed via the gamertag RandomToDoList on TrueAchievements. I will post a blog post over there at the start of the period and you can comment on that to join the contest or if you have other questions. You can also DM RandomToDoList or myself (zzUrbanSpaceman) if you want something answered privately.

Furthermore, the rules are being moved to a living Google document which you can see here: The Random ToDo List (RTDL) Challenge

2018 season 2 is almost over, so start updating your game collections now!


I’m having difficulty navigating between tabs in the document. Could anybody link me directly to my list? Please and thank you!


Well, if it comes up again you can directly select any of the tabs via the worksheet selection menu which is on the bottom left:

And here’s your list:


Can I get a new list? After couple of months, I would like to try again :slight_smile:


You actually already have one, you’ve been carried over from previous months!

By the way, the RTDL is now officially managed through the RandomToDoList gamertag on TrueAchievements, that is the preferred place to find info and ask about the contest.


Thank you and also sorry for the request here. I was a little bit behind on updates. Did not have time to participate at all, I did not think I still have a list :slight_smile:


For some reason this isn’t working for me this month. Is this true for anybody else?


Kingsman also reported problems, but it turned out he was trying to do it via Edge on a Windows tablet. What browser are you using? The trick is only known to work in Firefox and Chrome for sure, and has definite issues in IE, Edge and Safari.