The Wolfenstein Community Challenge (September 2016)


Attention all gamers! There is a dire need to rid the world of the Nazi menace once again. I certainly don’t want to make light of their history - they are a deplorable group that did horrific things.

What I do want to do though is have a fun month of gaming where we tackle the Wolfenstein series of games.

The headline event will be Crandy and I doing battle to complete Wolfenstein: The New Order this month (which I’m surely unmatched to do - should have waited until he got a job - BUM). Anyway, to make it more fun - let’s involve all of you as well.

Should be a busy month with two Gamertags for the Gamertag Challenge, The 4th Annual Random To Do List firing up, and now this.

Well - let me make it worth your while - I’ve got a MS Card with some cash on it for a random winner. How do I enter - simple - earn achievements.

There are 4 games in the series with 2 stacks - making a total of 6 possible achievement lists.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - 50 achievements on ONE and 360
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - 50 achievements
Wolfenstein (360) - 49 achievements
Wolfenstein 3D - 12 achievements on 360 - North American and Europeon stack

Entry Methods:

  1. You can earn 1 raffle draw for every achievement earned in the month of September. (Time stamp from Sept 1st to Sept 30 - TA server time)

  2. You will earn a bonus 20 entries for starting and completing (100%) any game this month - (You bean divers can count as not starting - but only if you start with a single achievement)

  3. Those of you with completions already can earn 10 entries per completed title.

Good luck and help make the world a better place.


Confirmed Entries:


Sounds fun and I think I own 2 of these games not started yet. I’m in!


I bean dived 2 of them, but I own them all, I actually might have more than one achievement in Wolfenstein on the 360. Never really got going with it. Oh and Stu you own 3 of them now :wink:


Just to be clear, I imagine we’re required to post progress here. Do you need links to things or just a statement of what’s earned?


I guess I better join in, its not like I asked to! :wink: No seriously, been looking forward to it since @Freamwhole first announced it. Bean dived new order and old blood on the one also picked up 3d in the recent sale. Need to see how time goes with the random to do list and I think I might join in with the gametag challenge this month! Did not have time for it in August! Good luck everyone!


No, Brandon. EURO PEON!!! Peons were cool in Warcraft 2.


What’s being raffled?


Started. How do we submit entries?


You can submit whenever. As you go, or end of the month. Just spell out what you did, so I can go verify.


Microsoft gift card. And anything anyone wants to donate.


Nice job opening it up to all Wolfenstein games. I didn’t think I could participate since I beat the New Order 100%. Now I will be busy this month.


Mein leben!

Started and finished:

First time I’ve played this end to end. I love the map design for these classic levels. Must have been fun to make. Great walkthrough here shows all the maps and the path to take:

I guess that makes me the front-runner for the $100 MS Gift Card!


I think you have 1 too many zeroes on the gift card. :wink:


Hahaha I was like wow I missed something. Time to get going on Wolfenstein!


I guess everyone is waiting until the last day to enter? Well here are 2 more completed games for me.

Started and completed The Old Blood this month (those challenges were no joke!)

And did this one in 2014


I’m trying to finish my second run of New Order. Just need the last enigma code and then beat it on Uber.


Started both versions… then got side-tracked! :slight_smile:


Started (from a bean dive) and completed the new order. Want to try and get some progress in old blood, but to do list and uhh may take priority. That was all i managed, hopefully one completion may give me a chance in the raffle, beat fream though! Lol :wink:


Started and completed this for this months challenge:

And beat this one last year.