Thoughts on achievements not ending in 5 or 0?


Personally I hate them. Currently working on dead island remastered and it is horrible. Whats your input?


I actually love them - mostly because it drives some people nuts. :wink: But I personally don’t care what number my GS ends on unless I’m aiming for a specific target.


I couldn’t be bothered with them.

Its often fun when you get to a cool milestone to try and hit a specific number. These weirdos make it possible.


Doesn’t really bother me. I try to even out if I am working on a milestone, but even then it’s a relatively small inconvenience.


Don’t like them, but they don’t drive me insane either.


I avoid those since eventually when I reach a milestone, say 100,000, I would not like to be at 99,997 and most achievements being a multiple of 5 I would have to find a game with a 3 point achievement. Yuck.


I don’t really care. To me it will all work out in the end. If it doesn’t then I guess my number will just be off.


an achievement is an achievement, odd or even doesn’t matter. The more annoying ones are when you have to play through the game on the hardest difficulty for 1 point, but then another game gives you 50 points or 100 points just for pressing a button, or finishing a Tutorial etc.


Nope, do not care what an achievement score ends in. 5/0 or even a decimal position. Imagine with progress bars etc, so you can get percentage points of an achievement. 99999.99999 (or however far they want to stretch it).

That would annoy Everyone.

In fact, that could go hand in hand with trolling the world.


I would love that hahaha.


I get to be the first anal retentive one. I avoid games that have non-5/0-ending achievements. Only happened once by mistake on Raving Rabbids for Win 8. When I saw that one of the achievements gave me an odd number I carefully earned the easiest ones needed to fix the number and dropped the rest of the game like a hot potato. Not in my house!


I’m the same way. If I see a game that has a bunch of achievements that don’t end in 5/0, I avoid it. The only time I play those is if it is an easy completion, because then it doesn’t matter as I’ll get 1k anyway. I had a weird gamerscore for a while thanks to Halo Reach, but I managed to get the achievement that evens it out.