Titanfall ("UK Friendly") Boosting Session


Please indicate interest here and I’ll get something sorted out. Also indicate what times/ days would work. Assume we’re organising in GMT for now.

Example would be any evening during the week from 7-11pm GMT; and any time at the weekend.

Any other countries are welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve finished Titanfall. But I could help out if you don’t get many people in. And I would love to hang out with some guys from the community


I’m also about done with Titanfall just need to hit Gen 10 but I am also willing to help out.

I can do anytime in the week from 5-10pm GMT Sat from 6-11 pm and Sun free all day up to 10 pm.
After today I’m on holiday till the 23 Nov.


Still got a lot to do on titanfall, typically available 9-12 pm mon-wed, fri and sat, also can generally do anytime up to midnight on a Sunday. As mclovin said would be awesome to game with and get to know some of the community!


I’m assuming it would just be us 4. Any days apart from Wednesday & Thursday is good for me. UK contingent needs more representation :frowning:


Lets hope we get a few more show some interest. Looking forward to it though!


id love to join, I’m available, 7pm -11pm AEST Mon - Thursday Nights. which is 8am-11am UK time I Believe. 9I believe uk is 11 hrs behind during our Daylight Savings.


Cooper - you may want to check out @BigEll’s Thursday night session; the times will mesh better with your availability :slight_smile:


I am also up for this, generally any evening except for Tue/Sat from around 6pm onwards :slight_smile:


Monday or Friday at 8pm onwards? How would that work out for people?
Seems to mostly fit availability.
Will be mostly working on getting to Gen 10; but that should cover most of the other achievements on the way I imagine; and we could always work on specific maps as needed.
Will be fun to get something going.


Either day is good for me (Monday might just edge it) I might struggle to start at 8 either day but shouldn’t be too much after! Looking forward to getting to know some of the community and getting back into titanfall.


I’m happy to do Mondays at 8 for a few hours. We could use Fridays for something else in the future. Maybe Gears or something else you guys want to boost?


I have done co-op insane in gears 1&2 on 360 but still need to do gears 3 and def ed on Xbox one would definitely be up for either of those. Not got gears 4 yet but bday and Xmas coming up so may have soon. :+1:


@Mclovin noticed you have halo mcc would be up for some co-op on that at some point as well if you want. Let me know if you are up for any gears.


Hell yeah I would like to do Gears. If we could get 4 players for Gears 3 that would be awesome. MCC is also doable, however I suck at Halo :frowning:


Sounds good to me, maybe @Freamwhole could give our gears session a shout on the pod if we don’t get 2 more on here. Anyone interested for gears 3 co-op campain on insane Friday evenings 8pm ish GMT let us know! Hope we can get this set up soon. Does @angelsk know how many we have for titanfall Mondays?


I mentioned it in the intro last episode (released last Wed.) - I didn’t record the newest one, so I don’t know if it was mentioned.


Thanks for that, heard the mention for the titanfall session. Myself and mclovin have literally just come up with the idea for a uk gears 3 session on a Friday. If we haven’t had anyone sign up by Friday recording could you mention it please. Thanks keith


I think 5.


Shall we start next week?