Titanfall ("UK Friendly") Boosting Session


My mum’s over next Monday. But I shall set up sessions after that :wink:


So we are looking at Mon 28th to start? Pretty sure I can start then, its my birthday on the 27th so will check my other half hasn’t made any plans but I doubt she has. Looking forward to it. :blush:


@angelsk are we still looking to start on Monday 28th? If so that is good with me.


Yes, I need to set up a session or something


Just a query - if this could be arranged at a time that’s workable for Australian AH, you may get a few more bites (me, for one).


We could do a weekend version?

Can’t believe that 8pm on a Monday (what’s the 7am Tuesday) doesn’t work for you? :wink: wink


Session here: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=639956


That would be ideal, yes. :slight_smile:


would be awesome to get @zzUrbanSpaceman involved I could generally do 9ish sunday mornings GMT if that would work out?


That’s 8pm Sunday evening for me, which would work well.


I still have a lot of achievements to do in titanfall so would be happy to do both sessions if there is enough interest, or the others in UK might want to swap to Sunday depending on their avaliability. May be others in OZ that want to join in? Just looking forward to finally getting some gaming in with the community!


Works for me too. I can only do a couple of hours 'this Sunday, and I can’t do 11 Dec; but I’ll set up a session and we’ll what works better??


Sunday session: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=640100

Maybe @zzUrbanSpaceman could tweet these out?


On again both days this week, @Tatey will you be able to join us this week. If so can you message me on Xbox :slight_smile:


Hoping to Join this Sunday :slight_smile:


Are these boosting sessions still going?

An avid podcastlistener since the start here living in Sweden. Looking for a way to get some of these cheevos out of the way.

GT: alexmork



Yes, they’re still going! Feel free to join!


Hi @alexmork the Sunday morning session is still going. We are about to wind up the Monday night one as all of the UK guys are pretty much done now. Feel free to join us on Sunday we start at 9am GMT just jump in the party!


Ahh. Unfortunatley Sunday mornings is no good for me. Always busy until the afternoon. But thanks anyway.

Im guessing im a little bit late for this one :slight_smile:


Excited to see everybody on today. Such an awesome and friendly bunch! :slight_smile: