Tuesday Night Destiny (ONE) - 10 pm Central


Okay, so Tuesday will be Fream’s Destiny night - similar to our Titanfall group - we’ve got an open door policy.

I’m putting together a spreadsheet (which I’ll include HERE - when it is done) that will track people’s progress toward the more difficult or community oriented achievements.

If you are planning on being a regular - let me know what who you are and what your characters are (roughly). If you aren’t sure, you could always go to Bungie.net and look up your character.

Mine is:

This info will help me tailor the types of events we can do and I will be able to look up your current achievement list.

Tuesday is the weekly reset - so there will be a ton of stuff to do when we get together, so it would be best to coordinate - ultimately we’d get a nice 6 person raid group(s) for making attempts at Flawless Raider, but more realistically it is the best way to get loot - but that is a bit off for now.

The first session is January 3rd - I’ll be on around 10 pm, but like our Titanfall group - feel free to show up early.


Side note - if you are a 360 player and would like to be tracked - add that too.

I know many of you would like to work on that first to get the stack. I may or may not run that crew, but you’ll likely find others here interested in setting something up.


Gonna see if this is what you need. Let me know if you need something else

Matrarch - Hunter , Main, lvl 24, light 112, Subclass Gunslinger.

Couldn’t figure out your fancy formatting. :slight_smile: I have no alts, so that should be it for me!


Works great. Thanks.


I use http://destinystatus.com/xbl/Freamwhole to spy on other players :smiling_imp:


That’s pretty cool


I’ll be online some Tuesdays - I’d be willing to help someone two-man Crota’s End for the Flawless Raider achievement. I don’t need any achievements myself except for the newest Raid on Hard mode.

EDIT: I am a 396 Titan (my alts have the subclass achievements preloaded, so I don’t use them anymore).


I’d like to join (and perhaps run) a complimenary 360 session on the weekends, probably early morning Sunday Australian Eastern Time, which should line up with Saturday evening for U.K. and US.

Note if you are on a legacy account you will not be able to see your stats on Bungie’s site - this is a good thing though as it confirms you should be able to migrate to the One and, theorectically, unlock the achievements forward.

I’ll pull me stats out of the game once I’m home.


I’m in on some Tuesdays! My wife finishes nursing school in two weeks so I will need to see what happens to all my gaming time. She likes to spend time with me and it really cuts into my gaming. Gaming problems.


I’m usually on around that time and can help if needed for anything, clan is kinda dead until Destiny 2, here are my stats

warlock level 40 light 378
titan level 40 light 372
hunter level 40 light 374

warlock is my main all sub classes leveled, working the sub classes on the other 2 when I get a chance to, weekends is mainly my game time but I do get on during the week sometimes, i’m PST zone so times are ok for me


Current stats (character progress ceased basically end of Year 1):

Hunter level 35 / light 165
Titan level 32 / light 145
Warlock level 32 / light 144

All the original sub-classes are maxed out, I have almost all the good gear from the raids up to Crota’s End, and stopped playing when Lightbringer and Gallahorn were still good.


I haven’t played this since vanilla. But I just grabbed Destiny complete. I cleared my Tuesday evening schedule. Should be fun!

Looks like I’m in between @Matrarch and @zzUrbanSpaceman
Warlock - level 29, +129. Voidwalker and Sunsinger.

I’m on XB1:


What is the clan to join for those that don’t have the clan related achievements?


There is a Zed To Zed Podcast group set up - once we get enough members - I will set up a clan.

Zed To Zed Podcast Group


Hi :slight_smile: I’m interested in joining (will try to do weekly).

Currently my stats are

Hunter 40 / 336
Titan 40 / 252
Warlock 10 / 46

I’m assuming that Hunter will be my best bet with the group. I’ll try to raise my light outside the gatherings to be more helpful. Happy to help unlock achievements and do my best :slight_smile:


Titan level 23 light 123 subclasses striker and defender


The Zed To Zed Podcast clan is now up - and I’ve opened it up for anyone to hop on - no more invitations.

Sign up to ensure you will get the “clan tag” achievements when we run raids and strikes.


Sorry, network issues prevented me from joining the fireteam last night. I’ll try to get my NAT from moderate to open for next week.


No worries - we had a full fireteam (plus no spot for Matrarch :cry:)

There will be people to hang out with


Is there any room for a level 1 character? I just got the collection for christmas but have no one to play with.