Tuesday Night Destiny (ONE) - 10 pm Central


Got Destiny the collection last month, and I’d like to join in. I plan on being pretty active each week.


Direct link to the group: Zed to Zed Group/Clan on bungie.net

Once you’re a member, make sure you click the “Set as Clan for Xbox Account” button:


Plenty of room for new people.

We likely will set up a massive 12 man party chat, then split into manageable fireteams based on level and where we want to focus our energy.

The best way to approach Destiny is spelled out here: Newbie’s Guide To Destiny


Ive got hunter lvl 27 gunslinger light 134


That was fast. Didn’t you just say you were level 1?


I used the spark of light that i got from the post master to bump me up to level 25.


Quick question for a mainly solo player: how do I join you guys a session/game on one of these nights? I don’t see that I can ‘join game.’ Thank you and sorry for such a basic question!


If you are online - just shoot me a message or hop into my party. You could also chat in the #lfg_destiny sub group in Discord HERE


I’m planning on getting back to this if its installed in time I may join you tonight