Tuesday night gaming with Freamwhole - what should we play?


Starting in the new year - I’d like to have a new gaming night crew.

I’ve got Destiny and Battleborn penciled in - so let me know who wants in and what your game preference is.


10 pm central time until midnight - by the way


I’d be interested in whatever as long as I own the game… I’d like to see what comes up in the suggestions. I kind of want to finish up some stuff in Destiny, but don’t want to get sucked back into the game…


You don’t? Keep telling yourself that.




Are you going to play with me?


It will be interesting to see what Battleborn’s price is during the sale next week. I’ve loved everything Borderlands but I’m not even quite sure what Battleborn is. I also would be up for some Destiny.


I’m down for Battleborn over Destiny. I say that because I’m planning on completing the 360 stack of Destiny one day and I’d like to have as much of it carry over into the XB1 stack as possible. That’s just me though.


I tend to play Destiny with my buddies on Tuesday nights anyway. I’ll hit you up if we have an off week… not a lot of other games in my collection that are good for boosting.


I’m good for Destiny, don’t own Battleborn yet


Key word “YET”


I can do battleborn if you end up running a destiny crew Fream. I have it and need to play it.


Ideally I’d do both - just not sure I can swing that much commitment each week (with Diablo and Titanfall) - and I’d toss The Division on there too.


By run it I mean on Tuesday if more people want to play Destiny.


Nothing stacks anymore… that ended earlier this year. They’re now two different games.


Really? So even if you import your progress to the X1 version, the achievements no longer unlock?


If you haven’t done the account import on Xbox One yet (or haven’t played on Xbox One) any 360 achievements should pop when you do the transfer to Xbox One.

I got both Titan Mastery and Hunter Mastery on 360 before I did the account transfer and both popped when I transferred in September. You can’t play on Xbox One at all until you accept the account transfer, so you only get one chance to stack as many achievements on 360 first before doing so.

As usual with Destiny, you might have to log in and out of your character before anything pops.


I did a transfer before the lock out. It was my understanding that after the lock out, only one update will be performed from 360 to X1. Can anyone confirm that that is true? If not, then there’s no reason to hold out on playing it.


I was also under the impression you get one last transfer.


That was my assumption, I just wanted clarification on the achievements situation. For example, I haven’t actually loaded Destiny at all since before the update that split the consoles. In theory I could play exclusively on 360, unlock all the DLC achievements, then export to the One version and unlock those achievements as a one-off. Does that sound correct? (Not that I’m really chomping at the bit to do the remaining DLC on the 360).