Tuesday night gaming with Freamwhole - what should we play?


That is my understanding. Although I didn’t risk it and unlocked everything before the cut.


Prophecy has come to pass, I found Battleborn for $10 at Wal-Mart.


Just heard the latest podcast… I’d be up for The Division too.


We’ve just got so much to do!


I’d buy The Division if that’s what we’re going with. Wanted to dive into it, but only if I could find a group.


I dont really care what it is I play on Tuesday. I dont mind running Destiny(360), Battleborn, or The Division. Heck I would even run Evolve if enough people wanted it. It is really up to what the people want.


I picked up the Division recently.


Just bought the Division today. Had a GameStop coupon and traded in a handful of old sports titles to get it for FREE!

I’m ready to roll on this! Even if the group doesn’t pick it, I may run my own group on a different day.


Saturday or Sunday night? I’d be game.


I’m up for some division, I have 2 high level, not maxed out and 2 low levels for running with if you need for running daily’s, HVT’s or dark zone.


I forgot I even had The Division! I got halfway through the campaign with my friends before we decided that Destiny is better. I could level up an alt for weekend-night play, but what would we do?