UHH help please


Hi all, was hoping there may be one or two kind community members that may be able to help me with a couple of achievements for UHH. One is in Race Pro for hosting a ranked match, so would be very quick and could also get the win a ranked match at same time (for both of us if needed). The other is in Superstars V8: Racing for 10 online victories should take about 20-30mins per person obviously would get it for you too if needed! I would really appreciate any help anyone could give and would gladly help you out in return in UHH or RTDL with any game i have! Thanks in advance. Keith


You are more likely to find help if you come hang out in discord chat with the rest of the cool kids!


I can help you with both Race Pro and Superstars V8: Racing


Thanks so much, that would be amazing. Let me know when would be a good time for you. Is there anything i can help you with in return?