UK&AUS vs US titanfall match


During our UK boosting session last night I proposed the idea of having a few competitive games of titanfall against the US boosting group. The UK group all sound up for it and hopefully @zzUrbanSpaceman could join us too. Obviously timing could be tricky we were thinking late Saturday night GMT this would be afternoon/evening in US and sunday morning in AUS. Not only would this be a fun bit of regional competition but it would also be awesome to get a chance to game with our US zed to zed friends. Hopefully the likes of @Freamwhole and @BigEll will be up for this. Please post here if you are interested and that day/time would work and we can try and sort it out in the coming weeks. Thanks Keith.


Bring it! Will tell the others.


We ain’t scared


We have a secret weapon!


Do we? Who?


Dr. Who?

Are you just trying to throw us off?


Shh, I’m trying to psyche them out :wink:


I think it’s working. Shhhh :wink:


I just unlocked satchels so you guys are screwed!


I guess you need something to carry your lunch in! :grin:


What time?
What mode?
What map?


@Freamwhole @BigEll @Stushniken @Proulx @Matrarch @Mightymango @Kooshmoose