Upcoming Community Challenge


Giving you all a heads up, but we are planning a Community Challenge in September on the game series: Wolfenstein.

Since QuakeCon is having a sale this week - it would be a great time to pick up those games if you don’t already own them and would like to participate in the event.

Details forth coming.


Was planning to pick up TOB anyway since its $5!


Could be a good time for me to knock out those MP achievements I’ve still got to do on Wolfenstein 2009 on the Xbox 360


Great - save your earning achievements until September though!


Looks like they raised the price of TOB from $5 to $10 in the sale :thumbsdown:


Bummer - that sucks - hopefully some people got it at the mistake price.

Similar thing happened at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came up at $16 - when I came back to pull the trigger the next day - it was up to $25.


Cool, i bean dived the new order and the old blood recently, looking at getting the original on back compat in the sale! @Freamwhole was this inspired by my message about joining yourself and crandy on the playing zeds challenge? Hope plenty of people join up could be fun!


Totally was - planned on giving you full credit when I made the official announcement, but Bethesda jumped the gun.


Sweet, roll on September. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to help inspire me to play some more games. From what I hear tno and tob are both awesome.


Sounds good. A good reason to start working on the Old Blood.


I wonder if this still works!


Keen to start this series. Which one should I start first in your opinion? Old Blood or New Order?