Welcome to the Zed To Zed Boosting Group


It sounds like we would all like to have some type of boosting going on around here. With that, we should have some semblance of order and perhaps someone to help run sessions.

So I’m happy to announce that MATTISM will be helping this community get some boosting groups together and running some sessions through TA.

If you got some of those bigger group games for suggestions - let us know.

You want to run a different time zone - let us know that too.

Of course, his availability may not coincide with your own, so I encourage anyone interested in setting up some sessions - post here to get some fellow Zeds involved before filling the ranks with questionable random TAers.


I work weekend overnights in the EST timezone so if anyone is also free during the week in the evening around 8 let me know and we could look into some games we could boost. I also posted games that should meet the requirements for the Completion Challenge 2016 that I am going for below so if anyone else needs help with anything on the list or a different game I would be happy to play!


So it has taken me a while to post but just wanted to say hey to anyone who does not know me. Currently I am working on Battlefield 3 that we started as a group and am looking finish out leveling in that before moving onto something else. We kind of took a summer off cause well I did not run anything this summer really. If no one from my prior session wants to continue with BF3 I am looking to start in on another game.

I have been hosting sessions for the Achievement Hound community for many years and offered to help out here if they wanted it and they said yes. Normally what I like to look for in a game that I will boost is a game that can be done by at least 4 people. Now this does not always have to be the case. I have run games in the past that required 2 people but put together a session where as many people that wanted could join and we could pair up from there. I normal host sessions on Monday and sometimes run a session on Tuesday. My session time starts at 10 pm central and runs till 12 am. Though depending on how people are feeling it can run longer if they want it to. I know over at AH we had multiple coordinators and I am sure they will do that here also if the demand is there for it.

I am open for suggestions for the first game to be boosted here so please make some and we will see if we can come to an agreement on it.

My suggestion:
Sacred Citadel
Gears of War 3 Coop
Monday Night Combat
Tom Clancy’s HAWX
007: Quantum of Solace (360)
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising


Sign me up for Gears 3 Co-Op right now!


Halo 5, Halo MCC (any campaign) or Gears of War Ultimate Edition

All in co-op.


I am in for some Battlefield 3 and Gears 3 Co-op but I am only free on weekday nights around 7 or 8 but usually stay up till 2am EST.


From the suggested list I would like Sacred Citadel, Gears of War 3 Coop, or Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Also not opposed to some Halo MCC campaign Coop.


I’m working on Titanfall ATM.

Also in my boost list are: Sunset Overdrive, Tomb Raider (One), Charlie Murder, Happy Wars (both) and Watch Dog co-op missions. My boost request list on TA is up to date.