What are you listening to right now?


So I know there is the Music Discovery Game thread which is great to share about the music and discoveries but I want to know what you are listening to right now!

I want this thread to be waaaayyyyy too long for no reason of just posting what you are listening too, I love going back and listening to a bunch of songs I’ve never heard of or rediscovering classics from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s.

Anything goes here. A simple link is fine


Let’s start it off with my favorite song:
Simple Man - Shinedown




Last thing I listened to today (it’s the last track on the soundtrack):




Being from Mexico I listen to a lot of music in Spanish and my favorite Spanish band of all time is Heroes del Silencio. Here is one of their most popular songs


NF found out about him playing Madden he was on the soundtrack.


That song ‘’ I just wanna know’’ is great wow nice add to my list :slight_smile:





Thanks @Buckmarley155 for the greatest find in so long.


You’re welcome! I listen to at least one of his albums every day. One of my all time favorite rappers!

Here’s another i’m listening to at the moment Yelawolf



Intro song for RWBY anime by Rooster Teeth
Season 1

Season 2




Fairly ‘local’ band (a few hours away, but in the same state). Second album is probably better than this one, but this was the song that got me originally into Mindmaze.