What games are you picking up from the Black Friday sale?


So far I’ve only picked up Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for $6.60. My backlog is so big that it’s hard to justify getting a lot…


I got a few games out of it, I want to get money, but money won’t allow it. :stuck_out_tongue: I picked up Wofenstein The New Order, Metro Redux bundle and Trials HD + dlc. Although the dlc wasn’t on sale.


I too have a huge backlog but I just cant resist a sale. So far have picked up dangerous golf, song of the deep, inside and grow up. Also got brothers a tale of two sons and wrc 5 in recent deals of the week. Tempted to get telltale batman and state of decay but my wallet is not cooperating!


You guys made compelling arguments so I just bought Mad Max as well. Been eyeing that one for a while…


Picked these up, just ones I’ve wanted for awhile, not even super deals but time of the year right?

Wolfenstein 3D
Assassins Creed Rogue
Fable Anniversary
Dishonored Definitive Edition
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons


So far:

Jackbox Party Pack 3
Song of the Deep
Dangerous Golf
LEGO Jurassic World (X1)
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (X1)
Mad Max
Grow Up

Likely (if it goes on sale):



I’m with you guys, the backlog is massive but games are cheap and I can’t help myself. I got

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Telltale Batman
Minecraft story
Song of the Deep
Far Cry Primal
& Deus Ex mankind divided from Game


Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I have my eye on Life Is Strange & Rare Replay…


Grow Up
Headlander (Not technically Black Friday deal, but still 40% intro price)
Lego Jurassic World

Still considering:
Batman - Telltale
Dangerous Golf
Dragon Age:Inquisition
Trials of the Blood Dragon


So far:

Minecraft Adventure pass for 360, wish they had it for the One
Star Wars Battle Front Ultimate Edition (from Best Buy) the game is $35 less than the season pass DLC
Titanfall 2 (Best Buy)
Bloodborne (Best Buy)

Thinking of getting LEGO Jurassic World for the 360 and the first 2 SoulCalibur games


19.99 everywhere now for ReCore :slight_smile:


Walmart and Target will have Recore for $15 (physical) on Black Friday

I just bought the digital version on Best Buy for $20


Added Virginia to the list, it’s one of the weeks deal’s. Is ReCore worth the $20. I am interested just for the Play Anywhere feature, which I love. GOW4 digital is also on sale at Best Buy and is very tempting, but I know I will not get to it this year.


If you’re asking whether that’s the price I’d pay to buy ReCore if Fream hadn’t already bought it, then the answer is yes. It’s a near AAA title that was already released at a budget price, and I’d always been intrigued with it but couldn’t quite justify pulling the trigger. The sale price is a no-brainer for me.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass (£4 with Gold).


Doom was restocked so grabbed that as well.
Pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV for $35…hoping it stacks with the 15,000 Credit Xbox gives for pre-ordering certain titles, which this oen is listed as so… So, yea. even if it doesn’t, 35 for is a heck of a steal for something I’ll easily put 60hours into.


If anyone is still looking to get ReCore and hasn’t bit yet, microsoftstore.com has the digital version for $14.99. It will give you an instant code once paid. You still earn Microsoft Rewards with it as well.


I usually don’t buy much but this time I had some money to spare thanks to worki g too much. Picked up:

Sonic & Knuckles
Hunters Trophy 2
A Kingdom for Keflings
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass

The Evil Within Season Pass
Beyond Eyes
The bundle with Battleship, Scrabble and Risk (even though I’d already completed Monopoly)
Far Cry Primal
Grow Up
Hitman Season 1
Mad Max
Ori and the Blind Forest
Rare Replay
Song of the Deep
This War of Mine
Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Probably still gonna get a couple more but wound up stopping because the bank shut down my card with a fraud alert after I bought all those and then a new mattress.

Been considering:
PvZ 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass for X1 (no doubt I’ll eventually play this version also)
State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
The Witcher3 Complete Edition
Batman Return to Arkham
Metro Redux Bundle (not really even interested in playing, just finding that price hard to resist)

Was actually trying to hold off on a few because I knew I needed to buy a mattress, which I wound up getting for probably 1/3 of the price I was expecting…making it difficult not to pull the trigger on even more stuff that I don’t have time to play.


Couple of additions, got Virginia in this weeks sale and Doom for £14 on Amazon.


First of all want to say howdy, new to the site! And thanks for the tip on the $15 Recore, I hate that MS has different deals on the Xbox and their store. Was going to pass at $20 but $15 was too good to pass up.

My pile is massive so tried not to go crazy. So far have picked up:

Mad Max
Far Cry Primal
Lego Marvel Avengers

And I think that’s it for me!