Why do you love the Zed To Zed Podcast?


I love recording it with friends and talking about video games for a couple of hours.


Aww shucks. :heart:

Although I think you’ve grossly understated the amount of time it takes. :wink:


That’s the time with friends. The hours and hours alone are much less glamorous.


Well, speaking for myself, I’m only in it for the money.


I’m not ready to commit to “Love”. Can we just say really fond of?


I love listening to you guys talk with such passion about achievements. And love this little community we’ve just started, apart from Ell.


I love listening to what games you guys find interesting to play, which games have easy GS and you also keep me up to date with when servers might be closing to light a fire under my ass to beat a game I might be neglecting.


I like it because it is specific to MS products and achievements. I don’t have any other system and I don’t have time to read all of the stories on TA so this is the best way for me to get my fix.

Keep up the great work!


I love (recording) it, because despite my lack of playing time - I live vicariously through everyone else that gets to play games. Plus its helped cultivate an awesome community that (in theory) would enjoy gaming/boosting with me.


I like it because I am in my car for about 3 hours a day. Gotta have my podcasts for the ride! This is one of the few I listen to that is long enough for the ride to and from the office.


I use it for gaming talk when I’m driving to work and mowing the lawn. Nothing puts a smile on my face like Crandy complaining about something while I’m destroying weeds with my trimmer.


I love the podcast because after Stallion83 stopped podcasting and the Achievement Hounds drastically reduced their non-community podcasts I felt there was a deep void when it came to achievement-based podcasts. I actually heard about Zed to Zed through one of the Achievement Hounds when he gave a shout out on their show.


Thanks for this show, been listening for about a dozen episodes now. Been just using my phone next to me but I was really happy to find you guys on the Cast app on Xbox and can now listen with you in the background instead of game sound (bout time Xbox, thanks!).

You guys made my grind through AC Unity Co-Op Sync point grind so much more manageable. Excellent Podcast to just chill out with, love it!


It reminds of me of when I first started listening to the Achievement Hounds podcast when the main hosts were doing it. I love being able to listen to a high quality podcast about achievements at work to help pass the time!


Just found out about the podcast during Brandon’s interview on xone bros. I am really enjoying your podcast and have started from episode 1 and have made it to 12. You guys have scratched that achievememt itch and I am really looking forward to the monthly competition. You got a new positive member of the community. Great content keep it up. I would be willing to give some support but I don’t see any patron or support page. Just starting to get familiar with TA website and have never boosted for achievements before.

One question that you guys may have covered…what would be the best/affordable way to get Xbox 360 pal and Xbox ntsc-j as well as games? Amazon U.K., amazon Japan…other websites?


Thanks for the kind words - we’ll answer this on the next show.

I think there are a couple of episodes out there where we discuss it.


I really like that the show is consistently on schedule, love to be able to count on my achievement discussion on Wednesday mornings. I also like the sound quality of the show, I can listen to this in my car and not be annoyed by lots of background noise, or low level microphone inputs, all around great production!


because it’s a good show, I get to find out about funny or obscure achievements that I would not of known about before. Used to have challenges with my sons but only one still plays so I have taken to trying to beat his GS. One of the things I get by listening is some talk about games I wouldn’t of considered playing before and some talk about others I’m interested in. Hearing that other peoples backlogs are just as bad as mine and the good camaraderie between the hosts makes this show a good listen.