Xbox One streaming over the internet with Windows 10


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with streaming their Xbox 1 outside their home network? I’m on vacation in Michigan and the last few days I’ve been able to stream my Xbox 1 using the XOON app in Windows 10 to turn on my xbox at home in Arizona and then I was able to stream with the built in Windows 10 tools on a laptop I have. It’s not working now and I think the IP address might of changed because of my ISP cycling my modem. Any good ideas on finding out what the new IP address might be, if I called my ISP over the phone would the IP address be something they would be willing to provide over the phone?


Your ISP should be able to tell your your IP address.

Is there anyone at home that can hit something like


Send your brother over to your apartment.


Unfortunately no one is home, but yeah is what I used to set it up. Yeah Stushniken i should of left him my extra key… next time.


If you don’t have a way to remote to your PC, then you’re mostly out of luck. I ran a setup very similar to what you’re talking about when we went to the beach a few months back. My IP is mostly static so I didn’t need to set up DynDNS or anything on my router. I think you’ll find this article very helpful but it will more than likely be something you have to do when you get back for the next time.

There have since been 2-3 XBOne system updates that might make this more stable or less stable, but I had a solid few days of being able to log in and play with barely any lag. It was really amazing since the internet speed at the ocean wasn’t great. Towards the end of our vacation I ran into an issue where I could no longer log in as I think something on the XBOne got hung up and needed to be hard reset. Still, I think that remote gaming on the XBOne isn’t that far off if MS wanted to officially support it.

Good luck!


Oh, and I switched to using Xoon (even paid for it) to turn on the Xbox as it seemed more reliable than using the Xbox app.


You can connect to your plex app right? Would think there is a way to find it with that somehow. I don’t know that I can still connect to your plex but I will try tonight when I get out of work.


Yeah that’s the article I used Kooshmoose and bought the Xoon app also. Yeah my plex works Stushniken, i have the ip address it uses for my computer, and tried that but no luck. Something isn’t right somewhere where, if i try to ping that ip which is totally different than the last 2 I had for my xbox the packets that would wake the xbox 1 up aren’t hitting. I called my ISP but they couldn’t/wouldn’t help me… I see gamestop sells a 360 for $49 right now…


Just drive to NC and play with mine while I’m at work!


Ah, I read your OP a little more carefully. I think you might be running into the issue I had where the XBOne gets hung up and needs a hard reset. If you only had a remote-controlled outlet, you could solve that issue too.


yeah I think it needs an unplug and plugged back in, hmm remote control outlet. They make everything these days but do they make those…?


Yea, they connect to wi fi and can be used with the amazon echo and other apps. Just Google “smart outlets”


Ah nice, that could be cool for my “old azz” crockpot with no timer. I ended up grabbing a 360 from gamestop for the $49, figure it pays for itself with the $20 power supply and $15-20 for the controller. Ha now I can officially start 4 boxing 360 games if I ever go really insane.


You’re already insane bud! When are you going home? I miss my rocket league partner! You gonna drive to NC?


Speaking of Rocket League, we’ll need a crash course in the game for the upcoming cross-podcast challenge against XONEBROS!


Set up a gaming session. I’m still grinding away on that stupid painted item achievement.


Just thought I’d send an update as we’re at the ocean this weekend and I’m attempting to remote in again. I picked up a WeMo Insight switch from BestBuy that lets me control it via iPhone app remotely. I think I’ll also pick up one for the basement freezer as it allows you to set alarms for when the connected device stops drawing power.

So far it’s pretty simple to set up and use it to perform a hard reset on my Xbox if/when it hangs. However, this time around I’m having worse luck with the streaming quality. I’m not sure if it’s due to the slow internet here or is also due to the latest Xbox and/or Windows updates. Just logging in to keep my Lies of Astaroth log in streak going and to collect all the daily tower rewards dropped my connection several times.