Your Profiles


Many people that know me well know that music and gaming are my two greatest passions. I suspect the same can be said for many of you. So let’s be friends and creep on each others profiles to find new tunage. “I don’t have a profile”, you say? Well, you’re obviously not THAT big of a music fan and this thread doesn’t apply to you. Prove me wrong and sign up for one.


Got mine setup:


Haven’t used in a while


I hadn’t been using mine for years, but my gf started using hers and it prompted me to revive my old profile, so for the last month or so it’s back in action:


I’ve scrobbled whenever possible over the last 12 years but haven’t been looking at the stats so this should be interesting.


Most of the scobbles are from my PC gaming days when I dual boxed Dark Age of Camelot.


apparently I did have one… though I haven’t used it since May 2010. :smile: