Zed To Zed Community Challenge Master Page


It started with the Wolfenstein Challenge in September and moved to Dead Rising for October. I hadn’t plan on making this a regular event, but it has been a lot of fun - so I’m going to set this page up to act as the calendar for upcoming months.

We’ll be dishing out a prize to a lucky gamer each month - so here is how to enter:

Entry Methods:

  1. You can earn 1 raffle draw for every achievement earned in that month. (Time stamp from the first to last day - 11:59 pm TA server time)

  2. You will earn a bonus 20 entries for starting and completing (100%) any game this month - (You bean divers can count as not starting - but only if you start with a single achievement)

  3. Those of you with completions already can earn 10 entries per completed title.

Good luck.


Calendar of Challenges:

September: Wolfenstein
October: Dead Rising
November: Bioshock
December: Gears Of War

January: Disney Infinity
February: Love & Heart
March: Mass Effect
April: Telltale Games
May: Gamer-score-a-gories



Do you want suggestions? Here or elsewhere?
I would be onboard with a ad-game theme. Motivation to finally finish Sneak King.
And of course Assassin’s Creed series.
Halo series.


Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve got a list going - I’m only going to announce 2 months in advance - I’ve got the rest penciled in, but they could change


Does this include all gears of war titles? I’ve never played any of the games but I own them all, if anyone would like to group up and go thru the campaigns hit me up.


The monthly challenge will cover the entire Gears series, I’m sure, and there are active Gears boosting sessions with community members if you’re interested. I know @Proulx was working through Gears 4, there’s sure to be other community members interested in going through the other games too.

And welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


I want to suggest Minecraft and Forza series as well. Might as well keep with the Microsoft theme, eh? Seems like we’ve got a Microsoft series every other month. :wink:


Any chance we can get Mass Effect in March with the release date for Andromeda now confirmed?


April would make more sense, wouldn’t it? Since it is March 21st? Or are there a lot of people planning to ramp up to it?


Yeah April is probably better although either would work. I’m not sure if anyone new to the franchise is going take the opportunity to get into it beforehand. Especially with it being in a new galaxy


There would probably be people on each side. Certainly some would want to start on release day, March 21st. Is it doable to have it end April 30th, but count everything earned starting from March 21st? In other words, go from Mar. 21st - Apr. 30th?


It is do-able, but sorry gents, that will not be the April Challenge - also - it will not be a game series, so your Mass Effect achievements might still work.


I second mass effect in march


Is this still the plan? (saw it in the Gears thread).

February: Valentine Games (Love & Heart)
March: Telltale Games

If so can you explain February? Thanks.


Shh, I think it’s a secret.


Alright - I’ve changed my tune on March Effect - so that will be the plan there.

February: This one is a little goofy. So there are three ways to earn entries.

  1. Unlock any achievement from games that have the word “LOVE” or “HEART” in the game title. (i.e. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Heartz: Co-Hope Puzzles, Valiant Hearts, etc.

  2. Post a previous completion of any of those games.

  3. Unlock any single achievement with the word “LOVE” or “HEART” in them. (i.e. A Gentle Heart from Wasteland 2, A Knife To The Heart in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, No Time For Love in Alpha Protocol, etc. )


Wish there was an easy way to see locked achievements in an extract from TA. I like how we can pull out game collecting, but the achievements would be nice too… especially for something like this.


When is Dark Souls month?


Slight variations of the base word are ok?
Like Lover, Loved, Hearts, Heartless etc?