Zed To Zed Community - Greatest Games Of All Time (Xbox ONE)


So we talked about this on the show this weekend (Ep 37) and it comes from a discussion of the TIME magazine greatest games of all time list.

Certainly caused some discussion and disagreement.

I think our community should put together a list, but we’ll narrow it down to each gaming platform. I’ll introduce new topics each week, so keep on the forums and we’ll work backward through the consoles.

I would love to hear an explanation to why you’ve selected the games you’ve selected - influential to gaming industry, first to do something, amazing graphics, fantastic gameplay - whatever your reasoning for selecting said games.

We’ll compile a list at the end where your rankings will form our list.

Zed To Zed Community’s Greatest Games Of All Time

The games should be ones you’ve played, but that is not a requirement. Non-Backward Compatable, although you can pick the stack if you so desire.


The only game I have played that is the epitome of it’s genre on this generation is Horizon 2. The soundtrack is not as good as the first one, and the announcer sucked, but other than that everything was an improvement from the original which was an extremely good and enjoyable game.

EDIT: I also have to add that the best fighting game for the Xbox One is Killer Instinct. I loved the franchise on the arcade and the SNES and this incarnation resurrected the franchise and does it justice while updating a lot of aspects of the game.


My list is:

  1. Minecraft - its hard to argue the influence this game has had. My son and I have played a ton together. While I personally don’t want to continually go back to this game, once you start milling about the hours just melt away.
  2. Rocket League - a phenomenon that rests almost exclusively on awesome gameplay. The nuance with such a seemingly simple game is outstanding.
  3. Life Is Strange - The benchmark for interactive story telling in my opinion. The music, characters, story, visuals - all wonderfully painting a story that had its hooks in me from the onset. I truly love this game.
  4. Destiny - Another example of awesome gameplay mechanics with a near perfect feedback loop. The gear collection and smooth as silk gameplay has sucked hundreds of hours from me and I am still not bored with it.
  5. LIMBO - a beautiful side scrolling game with exquisite emergent back story. The theories of what is being told here enhance a cryptic and strange journey. The platforming and puzzles can be challenging, but quite rewarding.
  6. State Of Decay - The zombie game I’ve always wanted. Although it falls short in some aspects, the community takes center stage versus individual characters. I’m so looking forward to SoD 2
  7. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor - a fantastic blend of Assassin’s Creed mobility and Batman’s combat with the infusion of the brilliant Nemesis system made for one of my favorite gaming experiences. The game could be repetitive at times, but overall - just great. Also, one of the best traditional boss fights of recent memory - one that doesn’t involve ridiculous QTEs.
  8. INSIDE - Playdead’s follow up is another wonderful game. While not as intriguing a story as LIMBO, the gameplay mechanics and puzzles were outstanding. The feeling of satisfaction for conquering each subsequent puzzle was great and the beautiful imagery and setting was outstanding. The background discussion regarding what the game actually means is also superb albeit convoluded.
  9. Ori And The Blind Forest - the classic metroidvania style game I love with wonderful story telling, precise platforming mechanics, and a delightful story. This likely would be higher on my list, but I’ve yet to put any significant time into it.
  10. Fallout 4 - A massive open world and constantly evolving landscape that provides so much content. Bethesda has once again put together a ridiculously large game filled with classic Fallout themes and almost as charming bugs. The game may not be as top tier as Fallout 3, but another time sink of a title for sure.


I’m actually having a real hard time thinking of 10 Xbox One games that really wowed me. I don’t want to include Life is Strange and Limbo as they are both on the 360 as well but I have to as I can’t think of enough games. I also haven’t played a couple of the retail games but I know games like Fallout would qualify but being I haven’t played it I’m not going to include it.

  1. Batman Arkham Night – Not as good as the previous two games (I don’t count origins) but still a blast to play. Large world. Easy to pick up yet it has very challenging portions.

  2. Dead Rising 3 – Xbox One exclusive. Large game with lots of weapons and customizing of such. Fun zombie game which was better than DR2, but worse than Off the Record and DR1.

  3. Forza Motorsport 6 – I wasn’t a fan of Forza 5, it seemed to be a watered down (though pretty) version of Froza and was a large step back from Forza 3 or 4.

  4. Halo 5 Guardians – Not the best Halo game that was made, but still a blast. Looks fantastic though I wasn’t a fan of the story.

  5. Ryse – Yes I know the battles are repetitive, but I was a fan of the gore and even the story. It was the closest I felt to God of War which is a game I really wish I could play on the Xbox.

  6. Killer Instinct – This was a franchise that I didn’t think had much depth or life but the Xbox One version is fantastic. Simple for button mashers to pick up, challenging enough for the experienced and fun for all even if you had fighters.

  7. Rocket League — Just stupid fun, was really happy when the X1 got this game.

  8. Child of Light – A new 2d RPG? Whaaaa? I loved the art style of this game.

  9. Life is Strange – Great story, and a nice twist on the genre

  10. Ori and the blind Forest — Simply new and fantastic. .


Ben Hur
Soda Drinker Pro
Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey
Don Bradman Cricket
Handball 16
Yasai Ninja
The Deer God
Slice Zombies for Kinect


My List

  1. Forza Motorsport 6
  2. F1 2016
  3. Destiny
  4. Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain
  5. Forza Horizon 2
  6. Sunset Overdrive
    7.Dying Light
  7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  8. Assassins Creed Syndicate
  9. Wolfenstein The New Order

Would of had Witcher 3, in my list but haven’t started it yet. need more HDD Space.:neutral_face:


I see what you did there…


Wow. When you go through the list of XBOne games there’s a lot of chaff. This list is hard and I’ve decided to go ahead and list games even if they are also available on the 360 so long as they are better on the One. Mostly they are top 1&2 and then the rest in roughly the order of “bestness.”

  1. Titanfall - Time played: 6d 11h 56m. Enough said. By sheer numbers alone, this was my most played and easiest to jump back into. There’s nothing quite like the rush of driving a Titan.
  2. Ori and the Blind Forest - Gorgeous tough-as-nails platformer. This is really the type of game I savor playing. If not for Titanfall’s replayability, this would be my number one.

And then in no particular order…

  1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - Open world playing as a pirate? Yes, please.
  2. Tales From the Borderlands - Telltale at its best. I don’t know why I haven’t finished it yet, probably because I jump from game to game, but from what I’ve played, I could tell it was special.
  3. Ryse: Son of Rome - At the time when this game launched, the graphics were unparalelled. If only they had spent more time on the story and gameplay. I intend to dive back in and finish this one but had to buy back my copy.
  4. Quantum Break - Interesting story (so far) and cool powers. Reminds me of Psi-Ops which is totally due for an updated release.
  5. Batman Arkham Knight - Gorgeous game, fun combat, bat-gadgets. I’m not a comic fan so I can’t speak to the story and how it jives with the comics, but I had a great time with this game.
  6. Song of the Deep - Gorgeous game, amazing lilting accent, mediocre gameplay. This is an under-realized spawn of Ori and Ecco the Dolphin. It started out great but the combat quickly became repetetive and unchallenging. The metroidvania roots are there and they are great. Weapons have multiple uses and affect the environment in different ways - but not all of those uses are spelled out for you and the feeling of awe when you discover them is amazing. Some power-ups are completely optional but finding them out of the way is addicting. This series could never top Ori for me but if they could retune the combat to make it more interesting, they could close the gap some more.
  7. Sunset Overdrive - I like my Insomniac, what can I say? If Ratchet and Clank could just come over the XBox, I’d pretty much only own a PS4 for Uncharted and God of War. This game had enough of that Ratchet and Clank flavor to get me to invest before it was free.
  8. Forza Horizon 2 - I don’t normally like driving games and this game is on my list. The graphics, the handling, and the showcase events are really top-notch and were enough to get me over my hesitancy to play a driving game. It didn’t hurt that they threw in 2k worth of free achievements with the Fast and the Furious tie-in.

Honorable Mention: Gemini Heroes Reborn - For its price and source material, this game should not have been anywhere as good as it is. I’ve not gotten in too far as I was playing this around the time of Quantum Break and I didn’t want to play too much with time powers at the same time, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.


gotta love them kill animations in Ryse :slight_smile:


LMAO! Your list ftw


No particular order

Dead Rising 3 - Loved the new weapon/vehicle combos; Grim reaper ones were my favorite

Plague Inc: Evolved - No matter how many times I see it “Stupidity has eradicated the human race” doesn’t get less funny

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - Is it wrong to enjoy stealing so much? I don’t think so

Fallout 4 - Bland story aside, I loved the crafting/settlement options

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare - My daughter loves this one (she’s 5); she enjoys when I play as the Sunflower and heal everyone

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - Does it get old blasting the crap out of ships and then ramming them…no, no it does not

Elder Scrolls Online - So. Much. Elder Scrolls.

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition - It’s kind of like the Sims, only you hope you don’t get your face ripped off

Titanfall - What’s not to like about hoping in huge mechs and shooting the crap out of each other

Diablo III / Destiny / The Division - Not an impressive story or NPC development, but the dungeon > get gear > level up model works.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Watch_Dogs - The Lie Engine strikes again

Goat Simulator - Why on Earth did this game get made?


I’m a bit late on this. But WOW, am I ever surprised that either none of you played Witcher or none of you liked it. Will post my late as heck list later :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to have to amend my answer to Horizon 3 over Horizon 2.


I can only mention games I have played. So here goes (In no particular order):

Batman: Arkham Knight


Rise of the Tomb Raider



Life Is Strange


Forza 6

Halo 5: Guardians

Just Cause 3

Honorable mentions: Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X, Unravel