Zed To Zed Presents - Rocket League Tournament

So we’ve been talking about getting in on the next Rocket League tournament that the XONE Bros host, but @Stushniken just can’t wait.

He wants action NOW! and you know what - that is a great idea!

So we are going to host a Rocket League Tournament.

Current Details: (a little sparse, but we’ll dial in once we see the player pool)

Sign Ups: Each registrant signs up as an individual.

Game Type: Soccar - 3v3 or 2v2 (depending on the number of people)

Team Structure: Each player will be randomly assigned a teammate(s)

Tournament Structure: TBD

Tournament Date/Time: TBD (based on participants)

Current Interested Players:
@Proulx (even though he’s too lazy to sign himself up)

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I want in!

Heck yeah, will be fun!

I’m down depending on the timing. Can’t take that long to get shutout though. :slight_smile:

I’m always down to embarrass myself :joy:

I’m in assuming we aren’t talking about any kind of skill requirement…
I haven’t got much Rocket League under my belt, so I can only assume I’ll be one of the tournament’s noobs

ready lezgo!

Count me in as well! I hope the time zone differences won’t be too tough :smiley:

I am in for some tourneys

I’d love to play but will need to check re times

I’m down for this

Count me in!

I’m in if it fits my schedule

Interested if I’m available. Can generally do any weekend time.

I’m in!!!

I want in


Sorry to whomever gets me as a teammate, but count me in

I’ll be happy to drag someone else through a first round elimination.

I need to step out of the tournament, I’m afraid. Got some busy weeks coming up…